While you are online with a new client, create a project and fill it in with the relevant details right through the ArboStar interface. Basically, you'll be adding a new contact to your system as well as the details of the task - all on one page!

To achieve that, click on Add Client right in your account:

Or, hover over the Clients section of the sidebar and click to expand it:

Click on Clients List, then on "plus" icon in the right corner:

A new window will appear, allowing you to insert all known details about the client and the project you are about to undertake. Let's take a closer look on what information is required here.

Add client's primary details in the Profile box:

Set client address in the relevant box as well. Be as precise as possible to ensure smoother logistics further on.

Add client`s contact details in the section here:

Tip: click on the green "plus" icon to add back-up contact details.

If the project takes place at the address different from the client's, tick the box here and add the relevant location:

Now go ahead and select the services the client is ordering:

If none applies, tick Other Services and explain the project in your own words in the Project details section below:

Also use this section to store any other relevant details the client provides. These could be some specifics of work, time preferences etc.

Next, define project's priority (Regular/ Priority/ Emergency) and urgency (Right away/ Within a month/ Not in a rush) according to your company's policies and client's request:

Final touch: assess the estimate and tick the box "Call the client" if one has to be contacted before the actual meeting:

Hit Add client to finalize the project creation.

Tip: the lead you've just created will be accessible for the estimators and will be handled in a regular queue. However, if you have the necessary authority in your team, you can go ahead and assign an estimator manually by clicking on the Schedule appointment button here:

The guides above cover the process of taking a task from a new client. If you are looking for a way to add a new project for an existing client, check out the article here.
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